Property Management

Thanks for our knowledge in law, insurance, accounting and administration, we are capable of rendering a complete estate-service in order to manage your building in the best possible way.

Real estate administration:

  • Ordinary management of the property
  • Requests for payment and receipts of maintenance service charges
  • Housekeeper surveillance (employment and remuneration)
  • Seal of accounting and its supporting
  • Organization of condominium meeting
  • Assistance for making insurance contracts, maintenance and other
  • Negotiations with the insurance company in case of damage and theft
  • Regular inspection of the property, determination of damages
  • Technical solutions, prediction and supervision of the maintenance work to be needed
  • Preparation of annual reports with a breakdown of the cost to the ownership & tenants
  • Preparation of annual estimate costs / expenses (budgets)
  • Correspondence with the ownership in the national languages, English and Russian
Private property management:

  • Regular and weekly inspections
  • Management of regular and routine maintenance (garden, swimming pool, house gym, SPA, etc.)
  • House cleaning services
  • Baby-sitting services
  • Scheduling and supervising service providers
  • Negotiations with the insurance company for covering damage and theft
  • Interior design and architectural services
  • Renovation, furniture and design proposals in cooperation with architects & high quality furnishings companies
  • Mail handling; bill payments (municipal, insurance, etc.)
  • Flower arrangements, airport pickup, grocery shopping (upon request)
  • Legal representation (upon request)
  • Monthly financial reports, correspondence and support in English, German, French, Italian and Russian.